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Single-visit Dental Restorations with CEREC - Omnicam 3D Mouth Scanner

Our patients benefit from single-visit restorations including crowns, white fillings and veneers using a very high-tech piece of dental equipment called CEREC.

CEREC stands for CEramic REConstruction and represents a process where we digitally scan the area of your mouth where the dental restoration will be placed, designing a replacement restoration right there, and finally milling the final restoration during the same appointment.

CEREC Omnicam is optimized for powder-free scanning of natural tooth structures and gingiva. Simply place the camera over the relevant area and the scan starts automatically. The elimination of a powder coating means that the scanning process is faster and easier. Full-arch and half-arch scans can now be performed more conveniently and quickly than ever before.

It is impressive to see the 3D model displayed in full color on the monitor. The various surfaces are shown in their natural shades. This direct and realistic feedback helps to distinguish between amalgam, gold or composite fillings and other subtle problems in the mouth.

CEREC to the Rescue with Same-day Dentistry - No Second Appointment Needed

People Watching CEREC Making a Dental Restoration

Our patients don't have to walk around with bulky and uncomfortable temporary crowns and won't have to come back for a second appointment for the final fitment and placement of the dental restoration. If you are in need of a dental restoration, chances are CEREC can provide it in just one visit. We invite you to call our dental office at 860-447-1787 or request an appointment online and let us answer that question right then and there!

Single Visit Restorations Via CEREC

Porcelain Crowns CEREC crowns are the preferred dental restoration for damaged teeth or after a root canal or dental implant placement. CEREC crowns are color matched to blend in perfectly with surrounding teeth.

White Fillings
White Fillings High-strength fillings and color matched to the tooth the dental restoration is being placed in. CEREC retain a natural biting surface that is otherwise lost in some typical filling methods.

Porcelain Veneers CEREC veneers are created to perfectly fit over a prepared tooth that was originally damaged or discolored. The final product is a fully functional, color-matched dental restoration ready for use.

How CEREC Works - Dental Restorations Robotically Milled On Demand

CEREC Wand Being Used on a Patient

We use a highly-sensitive precision wand to digitally scan the section of your mouth where a dental restoration will be placed. As the wand scans the area, it builds a virtual model of your mouth on a screen right in front of your eyes. You and your doctor can fine-tune the area until the virtual model represents your mouth exactly.

CEREC CAD Unit Showing Restoration Area

Once the digital model of the dental restoration area have been finished, Coastal Connecticut Dentistry will digitally design a restoration right there on the screen. It will be designed to be fully functional and fit exactly in the area where it needs to be place.

CEREC Milling Machine Getting Ready To Create A Dental Restoration

From there, this digital restoration will be sent to a milling machine where a color-matched block of porcelain will be precisely milled into the final restoration. This restoration is NOT a temporary, but rather the same restoration we expect to receive from a dental lab.

The Doctor will test-fit your restoration and make any final adjustments before securely bonding the restoration to the tooth. You will walk out of Coastal Connecticut Dentistry with your final finished restoration in a single visit.

Single appointment dentistry is not too good to be true! Call us at 860-447-1787 or request an appointment to see what CEREC can do for your specific situation.

Yes, CEREC Restorations Are Affordable!

Piggy bank representing affordable same-day dentistry costs

Today CEREC restorations are the quickest way to receive a final dental restoration. Because of their "single-visit" nature, they are typically associated with a high-cost dental service. But, in many cases, a CEREC restoration costs about the same as a standard restoration.

In any case, a same-day dental restoration is affordable. Coastal Connecticut Dentistry is a proud CareCredit provider. In most cases, financing will be interest-free.

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