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CEREC Crowns - Waterford, CT

CEREC Delivers Same-Day Results

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  • How CEREC technology helps provide same day crowns to save you time and money

Why Wait for Crowns?

As a patient-centered dental practice, we understand that your time is valuable, and we like to keep your treatment as concise as possible. One way we do this is through technology that’s specifically designed to complete your treatment in fewer, more efficient visits. CEREC, short for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, has revolutionized cosmetic dentistry. This innovative system enables us to provide you with high-quality, natural-looking crowns in a fraction of the time as conventional methods. While you traditionally have had to wait weeks or months for permanent crowns, you can now get them during a single visit!

If your teeth are cracked or have cavities, they can look bad and feel even worse. Essential activities like eating and speaking cause you pain, difficulty, and embarrassment. Your favorite foods become off-limits. When these have become part of your daily experience, the last thing you want is to wait even longer to get your quality of life back. At Coastal Connecticut Dentistry, CEREC is helping Waterford, CT-area patients get their smiles back into prime condition every day. Our team and our technology are ready to do the same for you. Schedule an appointment now so that we can get started on restoring your smile!

How CEREC Works

Guided by the artistic eye and skilled hands of our cosmetic dentists and prosthodontist, our team places your CEREC crowns while taking your comfort, tooth esthetics and function into consideration. CEREC crowns begin with intraoral imaging of your mouth, with which we create a high-resolution digital impression. No more sticky putty! We send this data to CEREC’s design program, where we create a blueprint for your restored smile. That blueprint is then fed into CEREC’s milling machine, which fabricates your crowns right on the spot while you wait. If you’d like, you can even see your crowns being made. At the end of your appointment, you’ll leave our office with reliable and custom new teeth that seamlessly enhance your smile. The entire process is as convenient as the results are stunning.

  • Greater confidence
  • Strong, healthy, beautiful-looking teeth
  • No more pain or embarrassment
  • In-house crown fabrication
  • Same-day crown design and placement
  • Comfortable fit
  • Fewer appointments
  • No messy putty

Every patient has a story

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  • "I avoided the dentist, but I had a great experience at Coastal Connecticut Dentistry"
dental patient smiling after procedure Waterford, CT
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  • "Technology made getting a crown fast and easy."

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